Lost Boys Hope is solely a foster based rescue. All dogs are placed directly into foster homes to start their journey to the life they have always dreamt of. Without dedicated foster families, we would not be able to rescue the dogs that need us. Lost Boys Hope supplies all the food, toys, leashed, collars everything fosters will need to make their foster dog a well-rounded member of any home. We provide the best of veterinary care all paid for by donations from the public.

The role of a foster home is so very important, you are the first stepping stone to a dog’s life. Some have never even set foot indoors, wore a collar or walked on a leash. Never mind felt real love and compassion. It can be a very scary experience for them, but you see them adapt. You see the appreciation on their faces and the love in their eyes where there was once only the dullness from neglect.

Because of our foster volunteers, all the dogs we rescue have the opportunity to adapt to a loving and supportive atmosphere before finding their forever home.

Want to foster?

We can’t wait to hear from you! Please get in touch to find out how you can help by fostering.